Article Posts for Week Ending September 28,2012

Here is a list of the articles posted on our blog this last week: Responsible Service of Alcohol: Slowed Reaction Time Deadly to Drivers Alcohol Restrictions for Pilbara Warning Bartenders: Don’t [...]

Responsible Service of Gambling Update: Why work in The Gaming Industry

Source : Images Money The ability to interact and meet different people is an allure that the gambling industry presents to possible workers. It is a very exciting and fast paced environment and [...]

Warning Bartenders: Don’t Serve Alcohol to These People

Source : Gabriela Pinto There are certain people that bartenders should know for sure must be refused alcohol. One such group is minors. People who are under the legal drinking age must not be [...]

Alcohol Restrictions for Pilbara

Source : grahamc99 According to experts the new alcohol restrictions in Pilbara will be helpful in reducing the many alcohol fuelled problems in the region and should be welcomed by Alcohol [...]

Responsible Service of Alcohol: Slowed Reaction Time Deadly to Drivers

Source : H.L.I.T. One of the reasons why drinking and driving is such a bad idea is because it slows down your reaction times and thereby puts you and other road users at a greater risk of [...]

Australian Beverages Council rejects “Lethal” energy drink claims

(Photo: Ambro / The Australian Beverages Council representing the energy drinks industry denied all claims that alcohol mixed with energy drinks was a lethal combination. [...]

Alcohol Abuse may contribute to Degenerative Eye Disease

Yet another reason not to abuse alcohol has been presented by The Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA). The research institute has found a link between moderate levels of drinking and age [...]