Drinking is Good for Your Health

Source: Sarah Stierch RSA staff can rest assured that their work is providing not only comfort to people but is also beneficial to their health. In moderation, drinking alcohol can actually be [...]

Article Posts for Week Ending November 23,2012

Here is a list of the articles posted on our blog this last week: Aussies Drink Less but Spend More on Alcohol Responsible Service of Alcohol Update: More Reasons to Avoid Binge Drinking [...]

Responsible Service of Alcohol Update: Beware of problem drinkers during the festive season

Source: Graham Hills The season we are fast approaching is not called the “silly season” for nothing, as it will bring out the worst in a lot of drinkers. Especially people who already have an [...]

Responsible Service of Alcohol Update: More Reasons to Avoid Binge Drinking

Source: andlun1 Scientists are finding more and more evidence of the health benefits of moderate drinking but equally warranted is the research that is being presented showing the dangers of [...]

Aussies Drink Less but Spend More on Alcohol

According to research by company, IBISWorld, Australians are forking out more money, for higher quality liquor brands. Drinkers in Oz are consuming less alcohol overall but are spending more [...]

Could Online Discounting be contributing to Teenage Drinking?

Experts in the health industry are now pointing a finger at cheap online alcohol suppliers for contributing to the problem of underage drinking and in particular group buying sites. Some of these [...]

NSW may Get Tougher RSA Laws

The problem of teenage drinking has resulted in interest groups calling for RSA laws to be amended in NSW. According to a research group the government should introduce stricter laws to deal with [...]

Strong Beer Fest – Oktoberfest’S Lesser Known Counterpart

While Germany recovers from Oktoberfest and the many drinking festivals it inspires around the world another beer festival is being planned. The setting is very similar to the Oktoberfest and one [...]

Alcohol Induced Dementia

While we are aware of the effects of alcohol on the liver and kidneys, excessive alcohol consumption can have damaging effects on the brain as well. One of the conditions associated with alcohol [...]

Expectant Mothers will be Warnedabout Drinking during Pregnancy

Source : Remko van Dokkum According to reports, expectant mothers will be warned on the dangers of drinking while pregnant every time they visit a major retailer and attempt to purchase alcohol. [...]

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