RSA news: Wine not Just for Drinking

Recipes that use wine are popular in some cultures such as French cooking. Here we look at some interesting and delicious recipes that are made with wine. Chefs suggest never using cheap wine to [...]

8 Tips to Becoming A Good Bartender

Don’t discriminate. Treat everyone that enters the venue the same. Acknowledge customers at the bar and never ignore a customer, it’s rude and that patrons may just be the biggest tipper. As they [...]

Beware of Hidden Calories in Alcohol which can crash your New Year’s Diet

Photo by Emiliano De Laurentiis Many people watch what they eat very closely but one trip to the bar and their new year’s resolutions to lose weight and stay healthy could go right out the [...]

Yet Another Celebrity Caught for Public Intoxication

Most celebrities are still setting the worst example when it comes to responsible drinking and sobriety. The latest celeb to be in the news for bad drinking decisions is Melbourne AFL star Liam [...]

Driver Six Times over the Legal Limit

The number of drivers caught driving over the legal drinking limit has reached a record high, especially over the weekends and holidays. The latest incident involved a 32 year old woman who was [...]

Aussie Teen Dies of Methanol Poisoning while on Holiday in Bali

Never before has the issue of drink spiking been so rife as it is now especially for holidaymakers. A WA teenager experienced this first hand while on holiday in Indonesia. Sadly 19 year old Liam [...]

Early Drinking May Contribute to Alcohol Addiction and Abuse

An interesting post on suggests that the age at which individuals first become drunk may contribute to the development of alcohol addiction later in life. According to researchers [...]

Alcohol warning after woman’s boating death

Police have issued a warning to the public that alcohol and boating do not mix and can be just as dangerous as drinking and driving, this after a women lost her life in Sydney Harbour after [...]