SA Pubs: What the New Small Bar Laws Mean for you

The Australian Hotels Association (SA) is reportedly happy about new small bar legislation that was recently passed by South Australian parliament. While the new small bar legislation in Adelaide [...]

Risks and Consequences of Underage Drinking

The consequences of underage drinking go beyond the physical impact that alcohol has on the developing body of a teen, but it also affects the choices they make, which often can make an impact on [...]

Parents Could be Fined for Providing Liquor to Kids in Perth

According to a post on parents who provide alcohol to their children anywhere except in their homes may face fines. The review of the Liquor Control Act may toughen laws relating [...]

Proposed Overhaul of Perth Liquor Licensing Laws

Premier Colin Barnett has promised to bring Perth’s liquor licencing in line with the rest of Oz and the world by allowing restaurants with less than 120 people to serve alcohol without a meal [...]

Territory Rejects Change to Alcohol Controls and Refuses to Reinstate Banned Drinker Register

The Federal Government and Opposition are making bi-partisan calls on the Territory Government to reinstate the Banned Drinker Register. The Queensland Government is reviewing alcohol management [...]

Sydney Crackdown on Alcohol Fuelled Violence

Although many reports have surfaced about how alcohol fuelled violence in Sydney’s entertainment districts has declined recently, often it is difficult to believe when police operations result in [...]

South Australian Supermarkets to Sell only Bottled Wine

Would the sale of alcohol at supermarkets contribute to alcohol fuelled violence? This is the question that the public needs to ask themselves, the opposition think it would whereas the state [...]