Protecting Young People from a Culture of Binge Drinking

The problem with teenage drinkers is that more often than not teenagers are not mentally or emotionally prepared to handle the consequences of alcohol or peer pressure. This causes them to drink [...]

Drunken Brawls on the Rise

Judging by media reports the number of bar brawls and alcohol fuelled violent incidents in Melbourne has risen to unacceptable levels. Last weekend police had to resort to using capsicum spray to [...]

How to Recognise Alcohol Abuse in Teens

A disturbing culture of binge drinking and alcohol abuse seems to be entrenched in the Australian youth. Teenage drinking however seems to be a growing problem not only in Australia, but [...]

National Study Proves Licenced Premises Get Unfair Wrap due to Anti-Alcohol Sentiment

A major national study undertaken by Deakin University was just released which provides valuable insight into alcohol related behaviour in the country and attempts to provide some advice on [...]