Liquor Licence Granted Despite Opposition

A café in Fremantle, located on South Terrace, South Fremantle has won approval to serve alcohol despite tough opposition from a local resident and her supporters. The resident argued that [...]

Licensing Authorities Refuse Liquor Licence to Sydney Operator

A Sydney operator has been refused a liquor licence by licencing authorities in the state because of a history of sly grogging, drunken brawls and sex on the premises being reported in the past. [...]

Drunken Patron Sues after Falling from Balcony

Should licensed venue owners and staff really be held responsible for the consequences of intoxicated customer’s actions, especially if the patron enters the premise already intoxicated? This is [...]

Responsible Service of Alcohol Update: Dealing with a Bar Fight

Bar fights seem to have become more common recently and staff of licenced venues are often left with the difficult task of keeping the situation under control. It is important that employees of [...]

Alcohol News Update: Rugby Star suspended for Drinking

A reminder of what happens when athletes become victim to the woes of alcohol, the name on everyone’s lips at the moment seems to be Kurtley Beale. Apparently the Wallabies and Melbourne rebels [...]

Alcohol levels in wine Giving Drinkers Headaches

According to media reports wine lovers around the world are becoming frustrated because alcohol levels in wines seem to have increased, forcing drinkers to stop drinking after just a glass or two [...]

How much alcohol do teens use?

Alcohol is the most frequently used drug by teenagers in most countries including Australia mainly because most of the teenagers who drink do not do so moderately, but rather binge drink. The [...]

Study Reveals Link Between Binge Drinking And Risk For Developing Alcoholic Liver Disease

According to a recent study, over consumption of alcohol may create a different kind of liver damage that affects key organ functions. Everyone knows that regular binge drinking carries numerous [...]

Changes to Liquor Licencing Laws

Liquor licensing changes in Adelaide have recently kicked in which make it cheaper and quicker for entrepreneurs to open small, pop up bars, but according to a report many people, especially [...]

Push To Ban Alcohol Promotions at NSW Festivals And Events

A NSW Upper House Inquiry has been told that alcohol promotions and sponsorships should be banned at North Coast festivals and events that are often frequented by young people. The parliamentary [...]

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