RSA Update: Residents don’t want Nightclub in their Neighbourhood

Residents of Torquay on the Fraser Coast are not happy about a local nightclub in their area and have called for the club’s liquor licence to be suspended. The Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing [...]

Chemical Reaction that gives Beer its Edge

A recent study has proven that the refreshing bite we get from an ice cold beer or soda actually comes from a chemical reaction that goes on inside the mouth. During the reaction the carbon [...]

Aussies Drinkers Consume Alcohol in Excess ignoring Guidelines

A concerning statistic was recently released which indicates a significant problem for Aussies. An analysis of a government survey of the drinking habits of Australians indicates that one in six [...]

Binge Drinking in Queensland on the Rise

One of the worst trends in Queensland is the rate at which people are engaging in binge and problematic drinking. Actually new figures released by The Foundation for Alcohol Research and [...]

Australian Wine Research Institute Outlines Health Benefits of Moderate Drinking

The Australian Wine Research Institute has outlined the numerous health benefits of drinking wine, in moderation. According to the research a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away because [...]

Alcohol-Free Pledge encourages Aussies to make better choices

Queensland like much of Australia is battling to get the culture of binge-drinking under control prompting doctors in the state to unite with the group Hello Sunday Morning (which aims to educate [...]

Driver Caught Five Times over Alcohol Limit

One of the reasons why the government introduced mandatory training for alcohol servers in licenced venues is to help curb the alcohol fuelled misconduct such as brawls, assaults, drink driving [...]