Responsible Service of Alcohol Tasmania Update

It is no doubt the volume of alcohol fuelled violence and public assaults which have taken place over the past year has become alarming and totally out of hand, even in Tasmania where it isn’t as [...]

Alcohol News: Schoolie Poisoned by Methanol

Another Australian youth has been poisoned while travelling abroad for schoolies celebrations. This time a teenage girl, Jasmine Baker has suffered methanol poisoning and had to be flown home to [...]

Possible NSW Booze Law Changes

In the five-year statutory review of the state’s liquor laws, released on Friday, 91 recommendations were made which included possible changes to NSW alcohol policy. Changes recommended [...]

Health Benefits of Beer

While we’ve all heard about the benefits of wine and red wine in particular and how good it is for your health, but we haven’t heard much about the benefits of beer. Red wine is good for the [...]

200 RSA breaches in One Club result in Forced Closure

Its’ hard to believe that one club alone can commit so many RSA breaches that it is forced to shut down, but that is exactly what happened at the Wagga Wagga Boat Club. Police were forced to [...]

Liquor Authority Shuts down Venue due to Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Breaches

The Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority in Newcastle shut down the Silk Hotel because of failure to comply with Responsible Service of Alcohol Laws. Responsible alcohol service involves [...]

Energy Drink Mixer Debate Rages on

The debate over the damage that mixing alcohol with energy drinks can do is raging on. This time an Australian academic from Deakin University claims that the real risk is being downplayed by [...]

University Researchers Claim Last Drinks Rule Cuts Alcohol Violence

According to university researchers from The University of Newcastle, reducing trading hours of licenced venues will contribute to a significantly lowered alcohol related crime rate. Research [...]

Police Crackdown on NT Communities Alcohol Continues

Police in the Northern Territory have cracked down on the supply of alcohol to remote communities. During an operation recently more than 40 litres of alcohol were seized. According to [...]

How to boost your Brain Power as you grow older

One of the worst side effects of growing old that most people seem to complain about is the effects on the brain and the memory. But recently the idea that we can train our brains to maintain or [...]