Violence Filled Weekend in Rockhampton gets Police Attention

As we approach the Christmas and New Years time of year, police are issuing a warning to revellers in Rockhampton to behave! Last weekend police embarked on a crackdown on alcohol related [...]

Responsible Service of Alcohol News: Top 10 Pubs in Sydney for 2013

Sydney is a city which prides itself on hospitality and because of this it regularly makes the list of the world’s top destinations for tourists. This is due in large to the efforts of the staff [...]

RSA update: One Alcohol Fuelled Punch can result in a Fatality

Something that may surprise a lot of people is the fact that many alcohol fuelled assaults which have turned fatal are actually the result of just one punch. According to statistics one-punch [...]

NZ Research Shows one in five songs refer to alcohol

New research conducted in New Zealand has revealed that one in five Top Ten songs in the pop charts contain references to alcohol. According to the researchers, the number of hit songs that refer [...]