Study Shows Liquor outlets promote drinking in Kids

I could hardly believe what I was reading when I discovered that children as young as 12 years old were being influenced to drink because of living in areas with a high density of liquor outlets. [...]

Unruly Teens Climb Over Family’s Car in Brisbane

If you ever questioned the severity of the alcohol fuelled misconduct in Brisbane an incident which took place in Brisbane’s North recently should provide some clarity. During the incident a [...]

Sydney Pubs not facing restrictions fear Impact of new alcohol laws

The new alcohol laws have been welcomed by many as the solution to many of the alcohol fuelled harms in NSW but there are a handful of pubs that trade all night which fall outside of the state [...]

Research Shows Aussie Drinkers Preferences Changing

An interesting article on recently discussed research by Roy Morgan into the drinking behaviour of Australians which revealed that Aussie alcohol consumers are becoming less [...]

Experts Say Lifting Alcohol Price not the Solution

By now we’ve all become aware of the concern around alcohol fuelled violence in Oz and many of the “solutions” put forward by interest groups to fight the disturbing, growing trend but experts [...]