3Am Lockout concerns SA pubs

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According to media reports pubs in South Australia could be a facing a 3am lockout. A new version of the Code of Conduct for the states late trading licenced premises is a concern for pubs.

The Late Night Code for venues open after 3am includes the need for metal detectors, high definition CCTV, drinks marshals and a ban on glassware after a certain time as well as banning happy hours, shooters and doubles.

Although the bars will not be forced to close at 3am they will not be allowed to accept any new customers after this time, this is the authorities’ way of dealing with bar hopping.

Read what this post on TheShout.com.au had to say about the new code:

“Under this Code, venues will not be able to accept new patrons after 3am – this does not mean they will close, it just means no bar-hopping,” said Minister for Business Services and Consumers, John Rau.

AHA (SA) CEO Ian Horne told TheShout the state-wide 3am lockout remains a concern for the majority of late night operators.

“Strangely the State Government is going to give the Adelaide Casino an exemption from that,” he said.

“The rest of it seems to be a good common sense approach as a result of what has been quite lengthy and detailed discussions with the regulators and the government,” said Horne.

Rau said the package of reform also includes a Bill that will provide a greater set of powers to target licensed venues where there are specific alcohol and public safety issues.

Source: http://www.theshout.com.au/2013/06/03/article/SA-pubs-stuck-with-3am-lockout/PQECTAMRCQ.html

The Commissioner for Liquor will also have more power under the new code and can impose the conditions of a venue’s licence. Government also has more power and can regulate the provision of alcohol between midnight and 7am.

The post goes on to explain:

The finalised Late Night Code will come into force on October 1. The Bill that seeks to amend the Liquor Licensing Act 1997 will be introduced into Parliament next week.

Consumer and Business Services (CBS) will write to all licensees in South Australia to inform them of the introduction of the Late Night Code of Practice. Further information will be available on the CBS website.

Read more: http://www.theshout.com.au/2013/06/03/article/SA-pubs-stuck-with-3am-lockout/PQECTAMRCQ.html

Regardless of whether or not you work in a venue that is open till midnight, 3am or 7 in the morning it is important that you enforce Responsible Service of Alcohol rules.

Did you know that as a server or a provider of alcohol you are legally responsible for the safety of all your customers and guests, whether sober or intoxicated? Their actions under intoxication reflect on your venue and you personally as their server.

According to state law, Responsible Service of Alcohol is a key requirement for licenced venues because it teaches staff of these establishments the dos and don’ts of alcohol provision.

Your Responsible Service of Alcohol is more than just a certificate to keep on record for legal compliance, it needs to be enforced every time you serve alcohol. 


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