8 Tips to Becoming A Good Bartender

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  1. Don’t discriminate. Treat everyone that enters the venue the same. Acknowledge customers at the bar and never ignore a customer, it’s rude and that patrons may just be the biggest tipper. As they leave thank them and say goodbye.
  2. Try to take multiple orders at the same time. Developing a good memory is crucial for work in a bar, especially if it is a popular and busy venue.
  3. Be Polite. No person entering the hospitality industry should be rude, they should have a generally pleasant nature and never seem disinterested or disengaged when speaking to a customer.
  4. Learn about your products. You are no different to a salesperson. You need to know well what you are selling and be able to make recommendations if customers ask.
  5. Take pride in your appearance. Remember that you represent your venue and if you look bad, the venue looks bad and may lose customers.
  6. Avoid putting your fingers into a customer’s glass before pouring a drink.
  7. Take orders from customers in rotation and don’t leave some customers waiting longer than others. Although this may be tricky in very crowded bars, try to develop some sort of system of order.
  8. Most importantly – Get yourself an RSA certificate. The responsible service of alcohol course is not only mandatory but it teaches you invaluable lessons for operating within the law in terms of doing your job responsibly. The RSA course teaches bartenders who they can and cannot serve and what the law dictates about serving alcohol to patrons. Stick to what you learn during the course and serve alcohol in a socially responsible manner.


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