Alcohol-Free Pledge encourages Aussies to make better choices

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Queensland like much of Australia is battling to get the culture of binge-drinking under control prompting doctors in the state to unite with the group Hello Sunday Morning (which aims to educate people about responsible drinking by encouraging them to go a certain period without alcohol) to change this problematic culture.

The group, Hello Sunday Morning was set up in 2010 and encourages people a break from alcohol and share their alcohol stories. There have been thousands of people who have signed up to go without alcohol for 12 weeks or more and document their experienced on Hello Sunday Morning. Most recently the president of the Australian Medical Association Queensland, Christian Rowan pledged to go with alcohol for 3 months. He together with the CEO of Hello Sunday Morning Chris Rain are urging all Australians to become more responsible drinkers.

Since its inception 10,000 people have joined the programme, pledging to go without alcohol for 12 weeks or more and then blog about their journey. It seems programmes of this nature are called for, after figures released in July by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education showed a 57 per cent increase in alcohol-related hospitalisations in Queensland from 2002/2003 to 2011/12. FARE also showed a 31 per cent rise in alcohol-related emergency department presentations between 2007 and 2012 and a 45 per cent increase in people seeking treatment for alcohol issues between 2005/2006 and 2010/2011.

Although the programme aims to teach people about self-control and discipline when it comes to alcohol consumption, the best option is to consume alcohol in moderation in the first place because alcohol is not only a relaxant and social lubricant but it also has numerous health benefits when consumed moderately. Unfortunately because of these benefits people can easily become binge drinkers or even worse alcoholics.

This is the main reason why Responsible Service of Alcohol training is so important. Certain people have a problem with addiction whereas others have issues of self-control, even more people use alcohol to dull emotional pain and stress that they may be experiencing in their daily lives – all of these behaviours are what we are trying to avoid by implementing responsible service of alcohol.

If your job is related to selling or serving alcohol in a licenced venue, by law you are required to obtain a RSA certificate. While most people consume alcohol in a responsible manner which doesn’t pose a threat to their health, binge drinking, drink driving or drinking on the job can be hazardous and have negative effects, these are the effects that RSA laws are trying to overcome and programmes such as Hello Sunday Morning attempting to assist in this mission as well.  This is why it is so important for servers to serve alcohol in a manner that is responsible to minimise its harmful effects on the customer as well as on society in general.  The main aim of responsible service of alcohol training is to minimise harm to staff and patrons when serving alcohol.

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