Alcohol News: Drinkers get Drunk without the Hangover

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The internet is abuzz with news that a new pill may counteract the effects of alcohol and help drinkers avoid a hangover.

A Professor from the UK, Prof. David Nutt made an announcement on November 11 that there is a poll that interacts with the same part of the brain that makes people feel drunk and counteracts the negative effects.

The Professor’s current research focuses on brain circuits and receptors in anxiety and addiction as well as on pharmacology of sleep.

The following excerpt from a post on explains more about the Professor and his work,

In November 2010, Nutt published another study in The Lancet, co-authored with Les King and Lawrence Phillips on behalf of this independent Committee. This ranked the harm done to user and society by a range of drugs.[13] Owing in part to criticism over the arbitrary weighting of the factors in the 2007 study,[12][14] the new study employed a multi-criteria decision analysis procedure and found that alcohol is more harmful to society than both heroin and crack, while heroin, crack and methylamphetamine (crystal meth) were the most harmful drugs to individuals.[13]”

In addition to being able to get “drunk” without a hangover, Professor Nutt is also offering another pill that will quickly reverse the effect of the first pill. This sounds like a very similar model for modern pharmaceuticals where we take a pill to produce a cure and then another pill to reduce the side effects of the first pill.


The professor explained that the alcohol industry’s interest in the pill will be dependent upon whether they would be able to make more money off the pill.

The professor also explained that new drunk pill will certainly be habituating if not absolutely addicting. It is directly targeted to a pleasure centre in the brain.

The drunk pill will probably make Professor Nutt and his academic research sponsors hundreds of millions of dollars. It may help reduce alcoholism if commercially available, but some people just like to get drunk so evading that “drunk” feeling isn’t what they are after. But those who genuinely enjoy the taste of alcoholic beverages and don’t necessarily drink with the intention of getting drunk, the pill is sure to be a hit. It is also good for a person’s health and wellbeing.

Even with the drug pill people still shouldn’t take this as an opportunity to abuse alcohol because the effects of the alcohol on the liver and other organs should not be forgotten.

Also there is the risk of people becoming addicted to the pill itself. Even if the pill is a success and takes off in Oz, people shouldn’t use it as an excuse to abuse alcohol. Self-control and responsible drinking should always be practiced and we shouldn’t become dependent on pills to be able to lose all self-control when it comes to alcohol.

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