Alcohol Restrictions for Pilbara

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According to experts the new alcohol restrictions in Pilbara will be helpful in reducing the many alcohol fuelled problems in the region and should be welcomed by Alcohol Servers.

Part of the restrictions which will begin in October, include limitations on trading hours and days. Stores that sell alcohol will only be permitted to trade between certain hours (11:00am to 8:00pm) and not at all on Sundays. Only hotels and taverns will be opened for trading on Sundays.

Although many liquor stores are not happy about the restrictions which will impact on their bottom line, it is hoped that many of the alcohol fuelled crimes and social problems will be averted.

But there are those that are sceptical about whether these restrictions alone are enough. More education and community awareness is needed. Also alcohol servers and venues play a crucial role in making sure they fulfil their duties of serving alcohol responsibly. That includes especially not serving alcohol to minors and unduly intoxicated patrons. Bartenders, waitrons, pub manager’s etc. need to take a pro-active approach because their actions play an important role in alcohol’s influence on the surrounding community.

Also alcohol servers role is even more important in light of the restrictions because many people with drinking problems will no longer be able to buy alcohol at liquor stores outside of the trading hours and so will probably attempt to do so from a pub, bar, tavern or hotel. This is where responsible service is so vital to ensure that people with a problem are refused alcohol in order for the new restrictions to achieve its goals.


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