Alcohol’s Affect on an Individuals Personality

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Can alcohol have an effect on an individual’s personality? Alcoholism in particular can affect the way a person acts especially if the person has a history of alcohol dependency. Other than the obvious physical consequences of alcohol abuse, there are psychological and emotional effects as well.

Some of the immediate effects are personality changes which may differ from person to person. Although some people feel a sort of “high” after drinking, some people experience anger and depression, especially when the alcohol’s effects are wearing off. Intoxication causes an inability to think clearly and make rational decisions which can lead to personality changes. A person who may be logical normally may have impaired judgement under the influence of alcohol.

Personality changes are an indication of alcoholism and there are some signs that tell that a person may be developing a problem. For example if a person who normally takes pride in their appearance begins to neglect the way they look and become hostile when confronted, this may be an indication of a problem.

Other personality changes may include heightened tension and anxiety.  In addition personality changes can occur if the person begins to go through a withdrawal. These changes can include anxiety, confusion, and possibly psychosis which are characterised by mental changes such as by mania, depression, confusion, and paranoia.


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