Aussies Drinkers Consume Alcohol in Excess ignoring Guidelines

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A concerning statistic was recently released which indicates a significant problem for Aussies. An analysis of a government survey of the drinking habits of Australians indicates that one in six Aussies are drinking excessively and to dangerous levels.

In fact the analysis revealed that half of Australia’s drinkers are consuming alcohol in excess of the country’s health guidelines. This is putting us as a nation at risk of violence and numerous short and long term health problems.

The analysis of the government survey which revealed the alarming statistics took into consideration the drinking habits of 20,000 Australians and showed that one in six drank more than 11 drinks in a sitting on a monthly basis.

In addition to the level to which we are drinking another alarming statistic is the number of Australians who are drinking to these levels. The survey also showed that one in four drinkers consumed more than the 2 drinks a day as is recommended, according to the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research Council. The study by the Centre found that forty per cent of people in Oz consume more than 4 drinks in a single sitting, every single month.

FARE (The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education) explains that these findings have serious implications and challenge the opinion of those who believe that alcohol is only an issue for the minority of Australians, showing that it is in fact a much larger scale issue. explains,

NWK_NEWS_DRUNKS_14AUG13_The Foundation for Alcohol Research says the findings challenge claims that alcohol misuse is an issue for only a minority of Australians.

“This will place a significant burden on our already stretched health services if we don’t start to focus on prevention measures to curb this type of drinking,” FARE’s director of policy and research CaterinaGiorgi said.

FARE is calling for politicians in the election campaign to support a comprehensive action plan that would involve doctors asking patients about their alcohol consumption and offering advice to get them to reduce their consumption.

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Interestingly the study found that those most at risk of abusing alcohol are males between the ages of 20-29 – information that is useful when enforcing Responsible Service of Alcohol duties.

Guidelines are clear that in order to minimise the risks associated with excessive alcohol consumption people shouldn’t drink more than 2 standard drinks on any day. People under 18 shouldn’t drink at all because their bodies are physically developed enough to handle the effects of alcohol. Pregnant women are also advised to steer clear of alcohol because of the risk of inflicting unborn babies with foetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

The article went on to explain:

The study found young men aged 20-29 are the worst offenders with one in three knocking back over four drinks per sitting once a week.

The National Health and Medical Research Council’s guidelines say to reduce the risk of alcohol-related harm over a lifetime men and women should drink no more than two standard drinks on any day.

They should drink no more than four standard drinks on a single occasion. Not drinking is the safest option for people aged under 18 and pregnant women, the guidelines says

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