Australian Wine Research Institute Outlines Health Benefits of Moderate Drinking

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The Australian Wine Research Institute has outlined the numerous health benefits of drinking wine, in moderation.

According to the research a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away because regular drinking one or two standard drinks daily of wine or other alcohol provides positive health benefits for most people.

Some of the diseases and conditions that a glass of wine a day can help with include heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia, strokes etc. The discovery was reported at the International Wine Health 13 Conference held recently in Sydney.

Not everyone agrees with the claim though, anti-alcohol lobby groups have called the event a wine industry PR exercise and questioned the accuracy of the claims. But according to the conference convener and Australian Wine Research institute scientist CreinaStockley, science has proven that wine in moderation is beneficial to health.

This excerpt from an article on explains:

WINE & EXERCISE“Moderate intake over a regular period, not necessarily every day but generally throughout the week in a fairly steady and consistent pattern with no large blips of heavy consumption – that’s what the literature shows,” Ms Stockley says.

The science also is clear that heavy and binge drinking are mostly associated with adverse health outcomes.

And the overall findings should not be applied to young people, because of significant other issues concerning brain development, lifestyle and consumption, Ms Stockley says.

There are also question marks over how the research applies to people suffering from ill health, who are on medications or with mental health issues.

National health guidelines, which partly take into account the available science, are still relevant for most people, focusing on lifetime risks of alcohol consumption.

“There’s a case however for not just highlighting how to prevent disease occurring, but also the positive aspects wine can have in our diet and lifestyle,” Ms Stockley says.

“There’s a flip side to the warnings – we need to inform people how to live well.”

Wine should be considered a part of a healthy lifestyle – not a keystone of it.

“It’s an adjunct to the kind of food we eat and the amount of exercise we do.

“It shouldn’t be replacing any of those things,” Ms Stockley says.

Read more:

According to the post the conference focused on the science behind the health benefits of light to moderate consumption of alcoholic drinks, particularly wine. This focus has been criticised by public health advocates who object to the conference’s failure to address the negative effects of alcohol which include health and social problems, both long and short term.

According to one lobbyist, Curtin University professor and director of the McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth, Mike Daube the conference is “phony” and an opportunity to promote their product rather than discuss the benefits of moderate consumption. He also highlighted the fact that many of the speakers at the conference were members of the alcohol industry or are well connected in the industry.

He also warned that it was unwise to take health advice from the alcohol industry. He warns the industry to leave the health advice up to the health authorities.


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