Best Ways to Avoid Drink Driving

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It is often difficult to stay under the .05 blood alcohol limit which is why it is best to avoid drinking altogether if you intend on driving and if you must drink rather avoid driving altogether. Drinking driving is among the top 3 causes of road crashes leading to death on Australian roads.

The best way to avoid drink driving is to

  • Call a friend or family member to transport you home after a night of drinking alcohol, they will be glad to help knowing that you are not risking your life by drink driving and you will return the favour one day.
  • Take a cab or taxi if you have been drinking any amount of alcohol. This may be a little more costly but you cannot put a price on your safety. Have the number programmed into your mobile phone so that it is at your fingertips at the end of the night and you won’t be tempted to drive because you can’t find the number for a taxi.
  • Get a designated driver who is not drinking any form of alcohol. If you are going out with a group of friends take turns being the Designated driver, this way everyone gets to have fun and everyone gets home safely.
  • Take a train or bus if possible. It is cheaper, safer and much more reliable than any of the other forms of transport.
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