Beware of Hidden Calories in Alcohol which can crash your New Year’s Diet

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Many people watch what they eat very closely but one trip to the bar and their new year’s resolutions to lose weight and stay healthy could go right out the window. This is because alcoholic drinks can be deceivingly fattening. You may not realize it, but some alcoholic beverages can have the same calorific content as your favourite plate of food.

A lot of people don’t think about the calories in their alcoholic beverages. Studies indicate that alcohol actually stimulates your appetite, so in addition to the calorie content of the drink, it makes you hungry and so you eat more calories as well.

When going out, choosing a healthy alcoholic drink can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t know what it is made of. Some drinks, especially cocktails have high calorie counts, for example a Margarita can have up to 550 calories and a  Pina Colada could contain a wopping 586 calories. They may be delicious but the syrups and mixers added pile on the pounds. Usually the sweeter the drinker, the more fattening it is. And when it comes to alcohol, they are empty calories, meaning they have no nutritional benefit to you.

By doing your homework you can find out what the least calorific drinks are from your favourite liquor choice. From light beers, low calorie wine, and spirits like rum and diet Coke which is only 64 calories, be wise when making your drinking choices to avoid blowing your diet.


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