Canadian Study Backs Minimum Pricing Stance

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Australian authorities are likely to follow in the footsteps of Canadians according to evidence presented by a study recently overwhelming improvements follow the implementation of minimum pricing laws.

Although the alcohol industry in Oz has condemned the plan to regulate the minimum price of alcohol, the study showed that with a 10 per cent increase in the minimum price of alcohol, alcohol consumption decreased by eight and a half per cent.

The author of the study, Tim Stockwell claims that the evidence in favour of minimum pricing laws is so overwhelming that government is likely to go ahead with it especially considering its massive overall health benefits. The strain on medical facilities will drop dramatically and the costs involved will be better allocated to other medical conditions as alcohol related sicknesses such as liver cirrhosis are expected to decrease drastically.

High strength alcohol is expected to be the biggest affected with strong beer, wine and cocktails having their costs raised drastically. Stockwell agreed that while poorer people will be hardest hit, the new laws will have an effect on all alcohol drinkers.

The aim of minimum alcohol pricing should be to reduce the harm done by alcohol and to reduce the amount of alcohol abuse without affecting the liquor industry negatively. Experts believe that this is possible with careful planning.


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