Changes to Liquor Licencing Laws

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Liquor licensing changes in Adelaide have recently kicked in which make it cheaper and quicker for entrepreneurs to open small, pop up bars, but according to a report many people, especially publicans do not agree with the changes.

The government aims to make Adelaide more like Melbourne which is abuzz with small bars but some publicans are opposed to the idea. The new licence will be easier to obtain and cheaper because no legal fees will be incurred because existing bars will not be able to oppose the application.

Publicans have described the new legislation as unfair especially because small bars are likely to mushroom up around theirs, competing for business.

A report on Yahoo News by Melissa Wildy detailed the publicans concerns, watch the video below:

With all the new small bars likely to be popping up, it is important that new publicans and employees are aware of Responsible Service of Alcohol rules because a small bar can quickly get out of hand if alcohol is not served responsibly. Also you must have your RSA certificate on hand should authorities request it.

In order to learn about Responsible Service of Alcohol, workers of licenced venues from barmen to security staff need to undergo Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training. Luckily this is not a long and inconvenient process like traditional training use to be. You can complete your training online and receive your certificate quickly before beginning work in a licenced venue.


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