Could Online Discounting be contributing to Teenage Drinking?

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Experts in the health industry are now pointing a finger at cheap online alcohol suppliers for contributing to the problem of underage drinking and in particular group buying sites. Some of these sites are offering shoppers a discount of up to 70 per cent for bulk buying which computer savvy teenagers are taking advantage of.

Online sites also frequently offer competitions which appeal to young people in which they can win more alcohol without ensuring the proper regulation of these competitions to prevent underage youth from illegally obtaining alcohol.

According to experts online providers of alcohol do not sustain the costs of other suppliers such as marketing costs, overheads, staff etc. which means they can offer much lower prices than retailers, this is a problem especially with authorities trying to tackle the ever growing problem of underage binge drinking.

It has also been revealed by research that the biggest contributors to teenager drinking are price and availability. Online purchasing of alcohol is convenient because of door to door delivery and also allows teenagers to lie about their age quite easily in order to buy the alcohol online.

According to the interest group, The Australian Preventative Health Agency, introducing a minimum floor pricing for alcohol may be a solution to the problem because online traders would have to abide by the law and wouldn’t be able to offer such cheap liquor.


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