Devastating Effect of Drink Driving

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Although many people may feel 100 per cent fine after drinking and may believe that they can safely get behind the wheel of a car, science proves that alcohol alters our ability to drive or operate any machinery safely.Alcohol has been identified as the leading cause of car crashes in Oz and according to research drivers who tested over the limit doubled their chances of causing a crash.

Many drivers arrange for transport home after a night of binge drinking but forget that alcohol stays in your body a long time and in fact it takes your body much longer to get rid of the alcohol than it does to absorb it. Therefore if you indulge in a heavy night of drinking and then drive chances are alcohol will still be present in your body and will affect your driving ability the next morning.

Drunk drivers not only risk their own lives but selfishly endanger the lives of other road users.Because alcohol is a natural depressant it actually slows down the central nervous system and the brain, inhibiting a person’s normal brain function and ability to drive. This is probably why driver’s are not able to keep the vehicle straight on the road.

It may also cause impaired vision and significantly reduce a driver’s reaction times. Reducing a driver’s concentration means that he/she will not be able to pay sufficient attention to the road and avoid potential crashes resulting in devastating effects.


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