Draft Code Dictates 3:00am Lockouts for Licenced Venues

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An attempt to reduce the alcohol fuelled violence has led authorities to a plan that would impose a 3:00am lockout at licenced venues.

The late night liquor code of practice has been revised and will also include other mandatory changes such as not serving shots after 2:00am and forcing restaurants that remain open after midnight to serve food and not serve alcohol in certain glass types. The new code would also include provisions on metal detectors and other security measures including stricter control over drinks promotions and happy hours.

Premier Jay Weatherill supports the new code in order to lift the standards of late night venues to reduce the alcohol related violence which has resulted in many injuries and deaths since the beginning of this year.

The proposed code is now available for public comment until the end of November. While there has been opposition to the new restrictions, with some saying it may cause a loss of income, family members of victims of the alcohol fuelled violence welcome the new restrictions.

In the long run the plans are aimed at helping venues because if the violence continues to escalate, the public would be too afraid to frequent the venues and they would eventually go out of business.


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