Driver Caught Five Times over Alcohol Limit

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One of the reasons why the government introduced mandatory training for alcohol servers in licenced venues is to help curb the alcohol fuelled misconduct such as brawls, assaults, drink driving etc. Never before has the role of the alcohol server been as important as it is now with alcohol fuelled incidents causing havoc in many entertainment districts around the country. That is why mandatory Responsible Service of Alcohol training must be completed by every person working in a licenced venue where alcohol is served, from security staff to waitrons and bartenders.

Yet another reason why RSA training is so important is because there are too many road crashes being caused by drunken drivers. Yet another driver was pulled over last week by police in South Yarra, this time driving 5 times over the legal blood alcohol limit.

The man’s licence was suspended after being police pulled his BMW X5 over, due to resident’s complaints. The 38 year old driver was taken to the police station where his breathalyser test showed a blood alcohol level of 0.267. In addition to having his licence suspended the man is expected to be charged on summons.

The following except from an article on explains:

A Fitzroy man has had his licence suspended after being caught more than five times the legal blood-alcohol limit behind the wheel of a BMW.

Police were called after residents complained of a suspicious-looking black BMW X5 four-wheel-drive just before 9pm Thursday blocking a private driveway in Domain Road, South Yarra.

Officers took the driver, a 38-year-old man, to Prahran police station, where he was breath-tested and blew 0.267.

His licence was suspended and he is expected to be charged on summons.

A spokeswoman said police believe the same car may have been involved in a crash on Punt Road, between Commercial and Domain roads, at some time between 8pm and 8.30pm.

The car is believed to have hit a kerb or another object along Punt Road. Police want to speak to anyone who may have seen the crash.

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This type of incident seems to be a common occurrence with another incident of a similar nature occurring in Dandenong. A woman was caught speeding on the Princes Highway, doing 142km/h in a 70km/h zone. What makes this incident even more shocking is not the speed she was travelling at but the fact that she had 3 underage youths in the vehicle at the time.

The article goes on to explain:

And in Dandenong, a woman had her car impounded when she was caught speeding on the Princes Highway about 7pm. Police will allege she was driving at 142km/h in a 70km/h zone.

When police intercepted the car, three children, aged 15, 12 and six, were inside as well.

The red Holden sedan was impounded under anti-hoon legislation.

The woman, a 41-year-old from Springvale, is expected to be charged on summons with careless driving and speeding, the spokeswoman said.

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