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The number of drivers caught driving over the legal drinking limit has reached a record high, especially over the weekends and holidays. The latest incident involved a 32 year old woman who was caught driving six times over the legal alcohol limit, however the woman was also in breach of a number of other driving laws and will appear in court soon. This is an example of how drunk drivers are often also the main culprits of other road offences such as speeding and reckless driving.

This post on has more about the incident:

Police have charged a 32-year-old woman with driving with a blood alcohol level more than six times the legal limit.

Police received a number of complaints on Friday about a woman driving erratically in Manjimup, in the state’s great southern.

Officers pulled the woman over and breathalysed her.

It is alleged she recorded a blood alcohol reading of more than six times the legal limit.

Her licence has been cancelled and she has been charged with several other driving offences.

She will appear in court later this month.


All over the globe drunk drivers wreak havoc on roads and claim hundreds if not thousands of lives every year. Drinking brings out the “dare devil” in most people, which means when they are drunk not only are they more tempted to drive but they also drive more recklessly and make daring driving decisions which can cause serious crashes.

Most people can agree that drink driving is dangerous so why do so many people make the wrong choice when they’re drunk? People take more risks when they are intoxicated and making the decision to get behind the wheel is often one of those decisions that people make when they’re intoxicated but agree is wrong when they are sober.

What is it about alcohol and driving that makes it so dangerous? The thing that makes alcohol so attractive to drinkers is also the thing that makes driving under the influence so dangerous. People drink alcohol to unwind and relax but for this to happen it means alcohol must have some calming, relaxing effect on the brain. This relaxing effect on the brain slows the reflexes and makes it more difficult to concentrate, which makes a complex task such as driving very difficult and dangerous. So basically total concentration and correct decision-making skills that are so vital to safe driving is inhibited by alcohol.

Bartenders, waitrons and others who sell or serve alcohol have role to play in the reduction of these high numbers of drunk drivers. It is important to encourage patrons not to drink and drive and facilitate this by calling them a lift or a taxi. Signs posted around the licenced venue should also warn people of the dangers of drink driving and encourage people to have safe transport home.

So how much can you drink before you exceed the legal limit? Its safest not to drive at all after drinking because alcohol affects everyone differently. There is no absolute safe level of alcohol consumption but in Oz the legal limit is 0.05 BAC (blood alcohol concentration).So according to the law your BAC needs to be lower than 0.05.

This is important to remember because alcohol is the leading cause of car crashes in Oz and according to research drivers who tested over this limit doubled their chances of causing a crash.

The best option is to never take the chance of getting behind the wheel after drinking. Rather call a friend or family member to fetch you or take a taxi. It’s always a good idea to arrange your transport home before even going out and drinking but for those spontaneous occasions, rather call a friend to fetch you.


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