Drunken Brawls on the Rise

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Judging by media reports the number of bar brawls and alcohol fuelled violent incidents in Melbourne has risen to unacceptable levels. Last weekend police had to resort to using capsicum spray to overpower drunken revellers who spilled out of a venue into the foyer.

A poll conducted by The Age recently revealed that citizens of Melbourne think their city is becoming more violent and their fears were confirmed when another 5 men were arrested for the drunken misconduct.  Police battled to subdue the drunk men and arrested them for being drunk, committing street offences and resisting arrest.

Read what else www.theage.com.au had to say

Police arrest a man after a fight outside the Men's Gallery.Twenty-year-old Erana Herewini, of Springvale, was treated by ambulance officers after being overcome by capsicum spray when police arrived to break up the brawl.

“We were just leaving and were collecting Erana’s bag when the pepper spray started wafting around,” said her friend, Jess Nirens, 19, of South Yarra.

“It all started with this one guy who looked really drunk and was being persistent and annoying and arcing up at the security guards.

“Erana is asthmatic so she has been affected more, but it makes your mouth feel spicy and your eyes sting.”

Source: http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2008/02/24/1203467464928.html

The incident was just one of many on another night of alcohol-fuelled violence on CBD streets in Melbourne and these are some of the other situations that police had to contend with:

  • 7.58pm, corner of George Street and Victoria Parade, Fitzroy: One female and three males leave a victim bleeding from the face after a brawl.
  • 7.58pm, Little Bourke Street, city: 10 males fighting with weapons. Ladles being used.
  • 8pm, Chinatown, city: Six people fighting. Offenders flee the scene.
  • 8.15pm, Flinders Walk: Male climbing onto a footbridge on railway station side looks drunk.

Source: http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2008/02/24/1203467464928.html

A study conducted by Deakin University found that reducing pub trading hours may help to alleviate some of these problems.  The study proved that pre-drinking before going out is the strongest predictor of harm and intoxication and almost two-thirds of study participants said they consumed alcohol before going out.The study of more than 6800 people in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Geelong and Wollongong was conducted fortnightly between November 2011 and June last year asking respondents to take breathalysers and answer questions about their drinking behaviour.

A post on News.com.au reported other findings from the study as:

929528-lemon-citrus-beers-in-ice-esky* Authorities should consider imposing restrictions on pub and club trading hours

* Enforcement of responsible service of alcohol insufficient

* 84.6 per cent of intoxicated patrons were served drinks, only 11.1 per cent refused

* Pre-drinking a significant predictor of alcohol-related harm

* Almost two-thirds of people consumed alcohol before going out

* 30 per cent of people recorded a BAC more than two times the legal limit after 1am

* 14.6 per cent of people mixed energy drinks and alcohol

* 16 per cent of participants reported using illicit drugs

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/food/reduce-pub-trading-hours-fix-violence/story-fneuz92c-1226602518121#ixzz2QYg2g1FO

Serving unduly intoxicated patrons is one of the factors contributing to the spike in violence and one of the issues that servers have control over. By making sure you do not serve unduly intoxicated customers, you are doing your part in curbing this disturbing violent trend.


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