Expectant Mothers will be Warnedabout Drinking during Pregnancy

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Source : Remko van Dokkum

According to reports, expectant mothers will be warned on the dangers of drinking while pregnant every time they visit a major retailer and attempt to purchase alcohol.

A new national initiative by major retailers will aim to educate Aussies about the dangers of foetal alcohol syndrome. The initiative is a joint venture between the Department of health and DrinkWise Australia. Major retailers will play their part by handing out literature with the purchase of alcohol in their outlets that highlight the risks of drinking while pregnant.

Experts say that as science has not provided information on what is the amount of alcohol that causes damage to the fetus, its best that expectant mothers abstain completely. Even once the baby is born, mother should not be drinking if breastfeeding just in case the alcohol can be passed on to the baby.

What science has deduced is that drinking not only damages the unborn baby but can also increase the risk of miscarriages. It can also cause premature or still birth.

The effects of poisoning can be seen through childhood and into adulthood with symptoms such as heart defects, developmental problems, low birth weight, adult developmental delays,learning difficulties, behavioural problems and vulnerability to mental illness.


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