Foods that Kill brain cells and decrease intelligence

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It may surprise some people to hear that there are certain foods that are actually bad for your intelligence. An article on claims that there are 5 foods that kill intelligence and the article’s authors even go on to provide evidence of this by the “stupid” tweets of some celebrities.

The article’s author goes on to suggest eating certain foods in moderation in order to reduce the devastating effects on the brain, not to mention the impact on the person’s overall health.

The following excerpt is taken from the article on

1No to Sugar

A diet rich in sugar over long periods can actually create a host of neurological problems as well as interfere with memory and the ability to learn. Sugar decreases brain activity because it affects insulin’s ability to help brain cells use sugar to process thoughts and emotions. Stop stuffing your face with sweets, slathering pancakes with syrup or adding heaps of sugar to coffee. Artificial sweeteners do not help either – if used for an extended period of time and in big quantities, artificial sweeteners can cause brain damage and interfere with your cognitive capacity.

No to Junk

Kids are often told to avoid junk food lest it rots their brains. Well, here’s good reason. A 2011 British study of nearly 4,000 children found that those who ate primarily junk food (lots of processed and fast food) at age three had a small drop in IQ five years later compared with children who ate healthier diets. Another study at the University of Montreal has revealed that junk food can alter brains chemicals thus leading to symptoms associated with depression, anxiety and withdrawal. High-fat affects the production of dopamine, an important chemical that not only promotes overall feeling of well-being but also supports the cognitive function, the learning capacity, alertness, motivation and memory.


The article also suggests limiting the amount of alcohol one consumes because excessive alcohol is not only a liver killer, it’s a brain cell killer too. As the author points out too much liquor brings on a feeling of mental confusion which acts like a cloud and impacts your ability to think logically or remember things, a phenomenon referred to as “brain fog”.

High alcohol drinkers often can’t recall common items and events and often find it difficult to differentiate between reality and dreams. Researchers say the negative symptoms are reversible by altering drinking habits to limit alcohol intake.

Another problematic food group when consumed in excess is pre-packaged/packet pre-cooked foods.  These foods contain harmful additives, chemicals, dyes and artificial flavours, preservatives etc. which can affect the behaviour and the cognitive functioning.Fried or processed foods also destroy the nerve cells located in the brain while the transfats in them actually result in brain shrinkage.

If there is one thing this article makes perfectly clear is the need to consume everything in moderation. Whether or not this article has been based on scientific studies or hearsay, you will have to be the judge.


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