How to Recognise Alcohol Abuse in Teens

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A disturbing culture of binge drinking and alcohol abuse seems to be entrenched in the Australian youth. Teenage drinking however seems to be a growing problem not only in Australia, but worldwide.

RSA employees have a role to play in overcoming this disturbing trend. Serving alcohol to a minor means they are more likely to develop health problems, make bad decisions like getting behind the wheel of a car or getting into a car with a drunk driver, engaging in unsafe sex, becoming obese or overweight and a wealth of other social and physical consequences.

In order to avoid this, make sure you ask for an ID of anyone you suspect is under 23 years of age and if someone refuses to show their ID, refuse to serve them alcohol, it’s your right.

Although workers in the alcohol industry have a responsibility to refuse alcohol to minors, parents play the most crucial role in ensuring young people do not binge drink and develop alcohol addictions.

The culture adopted by teenagers in Australia that drinking is cool and acceptable is definitely one that warrants action especially by parents concerned for the wellbeing of their teenage children.

Watch this video which details a study about signs parents can look for to determine if their teenagers may have an alcohol problem.


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