NSW may Get Tougher RSA Laws

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The problem of teenage drinking has resulted in interest groups calling for RSA laws to be amended in NSW. According to a research group the government should introduce stricter laws to deal with the problem of adults supplying alcohol to their underage children. The problem is not just that alcohol is being supplied to these children but that the amounts of alcohol they are supplying which teenagers are abusing. Also the alcohol is being consumed without adult supervision which is leading to other alcohol related problems.

Shockingly every week a teenager dies in Oz and an additional 60 land in hospital as a result of binge drinking, either from the effects of alcohol on their developing bodies or from the negative consequences that result because of their behaviour when drunk. Also part of the proposal is harsher penalties for people who sell alcohol to minors.

Even those people selling alcohol to minors should beware because NSW authorities may soon implement sting operations to crack down on these law breakers. Government is likely to amend Liquor Act 2007 in order to deal with these issues.

According to Skynews.com.au this is what The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education had to say about the disturbing trend:

A key alcohol research group says the NSW government must introduce tougher laws to discourage parents and other adults from supplying liquor to children.

The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education will make its call today at a parliamentary committee’s public hearing in Sydney into the provision of alcohol to minors.

FARE has released a New South Wales study showing almost 20 per cent of parents who provide alcohol to children aged 13 to 17 allow it to be consumed without adult supervision.

FARE Chief Executive MICHAEL THORN says every week in Australia one teenager dies and another 60 are hospitalised due to alcohol, which is too easy for minors to get.

He says they’ll recommend toughening penalties for those convicted of selling liquor to minors to send a strong message to retailers.


Some of the worst case scenarios that can result from teen drinking are binge drinking, drink driving and unsafe sex. When it comes to teenagers, abstinence is best.

Especially in Australia alcohol is tolerated as socially acceptable but it should be remembered that it is still a drug and one that teenager’s bodies are not developed enough to handle in such large quantities. Alcohol, it should be noted is responsible for most drug-related deaths in the teenage population in Oz and many other countries around the world.

Also alcohol can be associated with a variety of serious health risks which for a teenagers growing body can be detrimental.  It’s difficult to prevent teenagers from experimenting with alcohol, but parents can encourage sensible drinking habits, especially if they are going to provide the alcohol. Parents need to realise the danger of providing alcohol to their children in large quantities and without adult supervision. Teenagers are not mature enough, both physically, mentally and emotionally to deal with the consequences of alcohol.


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