Pilbara Gets Strict Alcohol Limits

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A new tougher alcohol restriction was imposed on the mining town of Pilbara as of this week. The area of Pilbara has been plagued by alcohol and alcohol fuelled violence following recommendations by police and alcohol management groups in the area. Bottle stores in the area will also be closed on Sundays, with weekday sales limited to the times of 11:00am to 8:00pm according to the new restrictions which are a first for the district. Only hotels, taverns, pubs and clubs will be able to sell alcohol outside these hours (that includes bottle stores attached to hotels).

Read this post on TheAustralian.com for more information on the new restrictions:

The most recent figures available on alcohol consumption in the West Pilbara found that, in 2007-08, each person drank 25.84 litres (measured in pure alcohol) – more than twice the state average of 12.45 litres.

The consumption rate among indigenous residents of the West Pilbara was about the same as the consumption rate of indigenous people in the rest of the state.

Non-indigenous people in the West Pilbara drank at a much higher rate than other non-indigenous West Australians.

Alcohol-fuelled car accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, strokes and assaults were all significantly higher in the West Pilbara than the state average, a report to the Director of Liquor Licensing found.

Labor MP Tom Stephens, who has represented the Pilbara in state parliament for more than 27 years, said he supported the restrictions and other efforts to reduce alcohol-related harm in the region. “It is clear that we have very visible signs of alcohol abuse in the Pilbara,” he said.

Source: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/indigenous/alcohol-limits-imposed-in-pilbara/story-fn9hm1pm-1226490226507

People in Pilbara were found to consume more alcohol than people in other parts of the state which resulted in a visible effect on the community, particularly amongst non-indigenous people.

Source : koadmunkee

Some of the negative effects of alcohol abuse include the obvious increase in crime as well as less obvious effects such as increased sick days costing the company and the economy, increased road and on the job accidents, increased strain on medical and emergency facilities and an inevitable cost to the economy.

However the human cost is the greatest loss from alcohol abuse. People whose health is adversely affected and those who engage in dangerous, life-threatening behaviour such as brawling are the real cost of alcohol abuse which the government aims to minimise. It is recommended by experts that adults drink no more than 4 standard drinks in any single occasion however most people in Pilbara especially rarely stop at 4 which is where the problem arises. Alcohol is not the problem, but over indulgence is.

Drinkers that over indulge can, not only experience negative side effects on their health but can cause serious injury to others. There are countless numbers of people that have been seriously injured and even killed in alcohol fuelled crime across Oz and even more have been killed by drunk drivers. In addition the health effects are equally devastating, some of which include immediate effects such as hangovers, nausea, vomiting, memory loss, physical injury and alcohol poisoning as well as long term effects such as heart problems, organ failure and cancer. Hopefully the new restrictions will go a long way in combatting many of these negative effects.


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