Proposed Overhaul of Perth Liquor Licensing Laws

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Premier Colin Barnett has promised to bring Perth’s liquor licencing in line with the rest of Oz and the world by allowing restaurants with less than 120 people to serve alcohol without a meal and allowing patrons to carry a drink from the licensed area of the restaurant to the alfresco area.

Barnett has described the current regulations as “restrictive” and promised that a liberal government will overhaul the liquor license to ensure that Perth’s liquor regulations align with other states, not changing it too much but removing a lot of the red tape and offering patrons more flexibility.

Read this post from that explains further:

862468-3x2-340x227He says an anomaly that prevents patrons in some venues from carrying a drink from a licensed area to an alfresco would also be removed.

“I think it’s just time that we take away some of this unnecessary regulation that simply restricts the way we live our life and restricts restaurants and small bars and hotels in the way in which they operate their business.

“This is consistent with an approach of responsible serving and consumption of alcohol.

“It’s part of saying to Perth, you know we are growing up, let’s be responsible, let’s have some of the freedoms that are taken for granted in almost any other city in the world.”

The State Opposition released its own liquor reform policy last March.

It includes streamlining the small bar application process by reducing red tape and introducing a new ‘micro bars’ category for venues holding up to 60 people.

Mr McGowan says Labor also flagged the possibility of less restrictive conditions on restaurants.

“The Premier’s now, after criticising it then, saying it’s now a good idea,” he said.

“That’s good and I’m pleased to say there’ll be further enhancement of our state’s entertainment laws.”


If Barnett’s liberal government gets its way, waitrons that previously never served alcohol may see themselves having to serve liquor to customers. This requires them to undergo mandatory Responsible Service of Alcohol training.

Why undergo the online RSA Course?

RSA training will enable waitrons in pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants to understand their obligations in serving liquor responsibly and the types of strategies that can be implemented to enforce liquor regulations. In addition to providing education, the online RSA course offers a well-designed and comprehensive course to enable waitrons to practically apply the information gained.

Those that must undergo RSA training and can do so conveniently online include licensees,  approved managers, staff, including promotional staff, involved in the sale, supply and service of alcohol, volunteers, including club directors, who have liquor service responsibilities and  security officers with crowd control duties.

Some of the subjects covered by the responsible service of alcohol training include, who you can and cannot serve alcohol to and why, the consequences of serving intoxicated patrons and how to safeguard yourself, your venue and patrons from the negative consequences of excessive alcohol consumption.


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