Pubs Beware of Licence Confiscations for RSA Breaches

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Following a Melbourne pub being stripped of its liquor licence for repeated instances of responsible alcohol service breaches, authorities have urged licenced establishments to make sure they are in compliance of the law.

The pub had its liquor licence revoked after instances of underage drinking and intoxicated patrons resulted in its licence being revoked for a period of 2 years.

Being a responsible server of alcohol means ensuring that you do not serve alcohol to minors and do not serve alcohol to an intoxicated person

Although it may be a tricky situation to deny service to a customer it is vital to their safety, the safety of the public and the good of the establishment. One of the approaches bartenders or servers can take is to respectfully deny intoxicated patrons another drink and bring them a glass of water instead.

Customers, who look under the age of 25, should have their IDs checked before being served. Most people will not be offended by this but if they are, you should remain calm and friendly, explaining that it is just the law and nothing personal.

As a waitron, bartender, liquor store attendant etc. you have a responsibility to ensure that underage persons and intoxicated persons are refused alcohol, not only is it best for their safety but for the safety of those around them as well.


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