Reasons Why Moderation Is Better Than Binge Drinking

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Moderate drinking has immense health benefits

The weeks around the Summer holidays are looked forward to the entire year but it also a time for concern as thousands of people hit the town, some engaging in binge drinking which may place them in bad situations.

Sadly young people in particular take terrible risks. Underage drinkers attempt to gain access to alcohol and others place themselves in compromising positions that they wouldn’t do ordinarily.

Police and health experts warn that the Australian drinking culture is out of control and requires attention immediately. Especially because of the numbers of violence, road trauma, social harm, lost productivity and mental and physical illness that has occurred in the past.

There is enjoyment and in fact benefits to moderate drinking but learning where to draw the line is something that Australians must learn.

Recent studies have revealed that many problem and binge drinkers are engaging in an alarming activity called, pre-drinking which is contributing to many of the issues. This basically involves people drinking at home before going out to the club or pub, because it is cheaper to do so. This behaviour has been found to contribute to over intoxication and the consequences which result from it.

In addition to the multitude of social problems excessive alcohol consumption can cause, it has negative effects on the body as well, some of them irreversible. Some of the health effects include effects on the liver, the brain and the heart. Alcohol addiction can lead to brain damage, sleep problems, anxiety, mental illness and cancer, stroke and heart disease.

Moderate drinking on the other hand, scientists have proven has immense health benefits. Moderate drinking can also improve cardiovascular health. Research has shown the positive correlation between moderate drinking and cardiovascular health. Drinkers who drink moderate amounts of alcohol were less likely to develop coronary artery disease according to this research. It also increases a person’s likelihood of surviving a heart attack. Those who drink low levels of alcohol are more likely to live long and less likely to experience another heart attack according to multiple studies.

The safest way to consume alcohol is to do so in moderation and occasionally. Limiting the amount of alcohol you intake can improve your health and mental wellbeing.

And even more recently studies have proven that moderate drinking may be the solution to weak bones in post-menopausal women who often suffer from osteoporosis and other bones diseases. This study is particularly useful for women who cannot afford the costly medication needed to maintain bone density.

A healthy diet, together with good and regular exercise when combined with moderate alcohol intake is said to increase the bone turnover and result in strengthened bones. As loss in bone density is a problem that is experienced by everyone because of the aging process, alcohol may be a way to enhance your bone health as well.

Consuming too much alcohol eliminates all the health benefits that alcohol can have on the body. The best way to maximize on the health benefits of alcohol is to consume it in low levels and moderately.


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