Research Shows Aussie Drinkers Preferences Changing

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An interesting article on recently discussed research by Roy Morgan into the drinking behaviour of Australians which revealed that Aussie alcohol consumers are becoming less inclined to stick to brands they know but are more willing to drive out of their way to get the alcohol they want. They are also opting for supermarket chains where they can get access to a much larger range at discounted prices.

Researchers found that Aussie drinkers were less inclined to stick to familiar brands in the last year than they were in 2009 and prior. The research also showed that drinkers are becoming more seasoned shoppers of alcohol, willing to browse liquor stores.

Roy Morgan researchers found that changing attitudes are impacting how Australians are shopping for liquor and the greatest benefactors of these changing attitudes are the big alcohol retailers.

The following excerpt from explains:

5342 SmallIn the year to September 2013, 70% of Australians 18+ who have purchased liquor in an average four week period ‘tend to stick to the brands I know’, a decrease from 72% in the year to September 2009.

The proportion of shoppers who say they enjoy ‘having a good look around liquor stores’ has increased over the last five years, with over half (52%) now enjoying a browse, a rise of 5% points. Also a greater number of liquor buyers now say ‘I will drive out of my way to purchase alcohol that I want’ (22%, up from 18% in 2009).

Our shifting attitudes are having an impact on where we shop for our booze, with big box liquor retailers the clear winners. Almost one third (31%) of liquor shoppers bought alcohol from Dan Murphy’s in the year to September 2013 –an 8% point increase from 23% in 2009.


The article goes on to quote the General Manager of Consumer Products at Roy Morgan Research, Geoffrey Smith who says that shoppers have over the last 5 years changed the way they buy alcohol. Australian liquor shoppers have altered their focus to be more on low prices and larger ranges, thereby benefiting retailers such as Dan Murphy’s and others like Liquorland and Licenced Supermarkets have started to suffer.

The article quotes Smith as saying,

 “Roy Morgan’s revolutionary new classification system, Helix Personas, shows that the high-income ‘Leading Lifestyles’ (100) community makes up over a quarter of Dan Murphy’s customer base. Over 50% of the alcohol buyers in ‘Status Matters’ (104) persona shopped at Dan Murphy’s in an average four weeks.

“Overall, Australian alcohol shoppers are demanding greater variety of products, lower prices and bulk-buying options.However it is important for liquor retailers to consider the various needs of different types of shoppers to ensure they are offering what their current or potential customer bases most desire.

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