Responsible Service of Alcohol: Slowed Reaction Time Deadly to Drivers

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Source : H.L.I.T.

One of the reasons why drinking and driving is such a bad idea is because it slows down your reaction times and thereby puts you and other road users at a greater risk of crashing.

When you drink you may not notice that your judgement is impaired but in a driving situation this impairment can quickly show itself. It’s best to avoid driving altogether after drinking because it is true that alcohol affects different people differently.

Some people have a higher response to drinking alcohol than others so some people with a high response to alcohol can experience signs of impairment at the lower blood alcohol concentration that others.

In an emergency situation on the road, not being able to react in a situation as quickly as possible can prove deadly.

Because of the neural inhibitors in alcohol it relaxes you and calms you down, however this is precisely why drinking and driving is such a bad idea. Your brain is relaxed and reacts slower than usual, making quick movements difficult and hampering your ability to respond to changes in the road conditions.

Your safest option is to call a taxi or a friend to fetch you or have a designated driver you can trust to make sure you get home in one piece.


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