Responsible Service of Alcohol Update: Beware of problem drinkers during the festive season

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Source: Graham Hills

The season we are fast approaching is not called the “silly season” for nothing, as it will bring out the worst in a lot of drinkers. Especially people who already have an underlying alcohol problem, who relish in the opportunity to mask their habits as “festive” when they infact are problem drinkers.

Another problem that the holiday season brings is youth attempting to slip through the cracks of overcrowded bars and pubs. No matter how busy or crowded a venue, or how impatient the patrons may be, bartenders and servers must ask people who look under 25 for their IDs.

Another problem that will face bartenders and waitrons this festive season is unduly intoxicated patrons, behaving badly. Many people see this time of year as an opportunity to unwind and binge drinking often plays a role in this but staff should be on the lookout for problem drinkers, violent and aggressive patrons that display signs of over-intoxication and should refuse alcohol service to any one they believe may be a threat.

Do not allow the hustle and bustle of the holiday season to overwhelm you because this is when mistakes occur that could threaten your job, your venue’s licence and could result in unnecessary and costly fines.


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