Responsible Service of Alcohol Update: Dealing with a Bar Fight

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Bar fights seem to have become more common recently and staff of licenced venues are often left with the difficult task of keeping the situation under control.

It is important that employees of bars, clubs and pubs have undergone the necessary Responsible service of alcohol training, as required by the law, in order to avoid customers escalating to a state of drunkenness which cause some people to become overly aggressive and confrontational, leading to fights and brawls.

When you first notice customers physically posturing, tensing up or arguing with other patrons slowly and gently remove them out of the each other’s physical space. Usually bar brawls begin with 2 or 3 people and thereafter escalates quite rapidly.

Using a calm voice, try talking to the customer. Remind him of the cost of conflict, getting hurt, arrested or barred but in a calm and gentle demeanour.

If patrons begin fighting, call in your bouncers and security staff and alert the police immediately.

Once a person becomes rowdy and demonstrates a very “in your face” type of behaviour chances are they are overly intoxicated and you (as well as your co-workers) need to stop serving the person alcohol immediately. If RSA rules are enforced, many of the bar brawls experienced in most big city entertainment districts each weekend can be avoided.


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