Responsible Service of Alcohol Update : What is JinroSoju?

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Not many people know what JinroSoju actually is even the most experienced of drinkers would be flabbergasted by the revelation that JinroSoju is actually the most popular alcohol sold in the world.

According to The Millionaires’ Club, an England-based catalogue that ranks brands, liquors and spirits the Korean liquor brand is the most popular the world over based on 2011 sales.

According to the catalogue 61.38 million cases of Jinrosoju were sold last year which makes it the greatest consumed alcoholic drink.

But for us in Oz who might not be familiar with the drink, what exactly is it? There must be a reason why it is so popular, 61.38 million cases sold can’t be wrong.

Jinro is the brand and soju is the drink. Soju is a popular drink in Korea, made through distillation of rice, producing a taste that is similar to that of vodka.

Soju is typically consumed in group settings while eating, portioned into individual shot glasses similar to the way saki would be consumed. And like a shooter it should be downed in one shot. The liquor is also a popular contribution to a variety of cocktail recipes and serves as an exotic substitution for vodka. So give it a try to see what all the hype is about.


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