Responsible Service of Gambling Update: Why work in The Gaming Industry

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The ability to interact and meet different people is an allure that the gambling industry presents to possible workers. It is a very exciting and fast paced environment and presents an alternative to the boring office job that so many are forced into.

Workers who enjoy working with numbers and have good card skills can utilise in some of the most challenging and rewarding careers that the gambling industry has to offer, such a Croupier or Machine technician.

In order to work in this exciting and challenging industry workers need to first obtain the Responsible Service o Gambling Certificate which can be done be completing the course online. The RSG Course is a mandatory requirement if you want to work in the hospitality industry for any position that requires you to work in or around gambling whether directly or indirectly dealing with money.

All staff with customer contact on licensed premises, such as bar staff, courtesy and security staff, waiters, door and reception staff must obtain their RSG, Responsible Service of Gambling Certificate that includes those working in a casino around machines and pokies. Workers who are involved in any activity that involves gambling, such as online, TAB etc. must undergo the appropriate training to work in the industry. Other than the course being mandatory it also provides invaluable information to workers that they will need to use when on the job.


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