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Does Drinking Beer Affect Your Blood Pressure

Recently researchers have been stressing the benefits of moderate consumption of alcohol for the human body. Even beer has been found to carry with it some excellent health benefits if not abused. According to scientists, beer can increase your good cholesterol but there has also been talk about the possible effects of beer on the blood pressure.

Drinking more than the recommended one glass per day for women or two glasses for men puts you at a serious risk for health problems and one of these is an unsafe blood pressure.

Researchers at the University of Western Australia discovered that drinking beer had an effect on the blood pressure of men who drank 3 bottles of beer a day for 4 weeks.  They found that the systolic blood pressure, or pressure during heart contraction, increased 1.9 mm Hg. According to the study, drinking beer slightly elevates the drinker’s blood pressure. This is a good argument for drinking in moderation and not exceeding the recommended daily limits for alcohol consumption.

In women the effect on the blood pressure was not as obvious. Researchers discovered that women who drank one beer per day had less risk of hypertension than women who drank wine or liquor. Therefore, one beer per day for a woman may be beneficial to prevent high blood pressure.

Although moderate amounts of beer has been shown to benefit the body, too much can have the adverse effect and cause serious health complications. Binge drinking in particular, any type of alcohol is extremely bad for the body and should always be avoided.


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