RSA Update: Residents don’t want Nightclub in their Neighbourhood

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Residents of Torquay on the Fraser Coast are not happy about a local nightclub in their area and have called for the club’s liquor licence to be suspended.

The Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing is apparently investigating concerns by local residents that Viper Nite Club is a menace to their neighbourhood.

One of the main concerns of residents seems to be the level of noise being caused by the venue. Read what reported on the issue:

But an OLGR representative said any concerns about the venue’s compliance with town planning requirements were a matter for the Fraser Coast Regional Council.

An application for the licensed premises (nightclub) zoning is still pending Fraser Coast Regional Council approval.

A sign at the venue says an application has been lodged with the council to change the use of the property from high-density residential.

The OLGR representative said the club’s liquor licence authorised the licensee to sell liquor as a subsidiary aspect to their principal activity of the provision of entertainment.

OLGR records indicated the premises had been operating under this type of licence since 1997.

The council’s response did not answer the Chronicle’s questions about zoning or licensing, simply repeating Fraser Coast Mayor Gerard O’Connell’s comments that the owners have lodged a development application.


Night clubs, pubs, bars and other venues need to ensure that they do not get the same sort of bad reputation like this club did. In order to ensure that everything goes smoothly in and outside your venue is to ensure that employees are enforcing Responsible Service of Alcohol rules.

The first step in maintaining a good reputation is ensuring that the people you hire are in possession of a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate. If they are not, ensure that they complete the course A.S.A.P. Ensure that a copy of the RSA certificate is kept on site.

But just possessing a RSA certificate is not enough, the regulations need to be enforced. All staff from bartenders to security staff need to ensure that they are enforcing RSA practices, to ensure that they are serving alcohol in a way that does not promote alcohol fuelled misconduct which often spills out of the venue and onto the street.

It is important that employees within the hospitality industry involved with serving alcohol are well aware of their responsibilities in terms of Responsible Service of Alcohol, not only to avoid fines, potential job loss and alcohol fuelled incidents but also to ensure that they are not contributing to problematic alcohol consumption.

RSA Staff, it is your duty to ensure when selling or serving alcohol in a licenced venue anywhere in Oz to first obtain a RSA certificate.

If customers display signs of intoxication, RSA staff need to discourage further drinking and refuse them alcohol. Another problem which can result in fines for licensees and their staff is serving alcohol to minors. This can also give a venue a very bad reputation and affect business negatively.


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