Sydney Crackdown on Alcohol Fuelled Violence

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Although many reports have surfaced about how alcohol fuelled violence in Sydney’s entertainment districts has declined recently, often it is difficult to believe when police operations result in the arrest of hundreds of people in one weekend.

This video highlights the state of Kings Cross in terms of violent crimes, mostly induced by alcohol and drug abuse. Around 300 people have been arrested by police in an operation over a weekend in January. This shocking video shows exactly how bad the situation has become:

Video: Link

The new plan by authorities to lock people up in sobering-up centres it is hoped will assist with minimising the incidents of alcohol fuelled violence in entertainment districts although many have criticised the initiative for placing people in harm’s way by locking up several drunk people in the confinement of a cell.

As RSA staff (waitrons, bartenders, bouncers, bar mangers and other licenced venue staff) we play a crucial role in minimising alcohol fuelled violence and other anti-social behaviour in entertainment districts not just for the future of jobs and venues that employ us, but for the future of our communities in general. That is why enforcing responsible service of alcohol laws are not just a matter of prerogative but a priority when dealing with every single patron, no matter how busy the venue may be.


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