Binge Drinking in Queensland on the Rise

One of the worst trends in Queensland is the rate at which people are engaging in binge and problematic drinking. Actually new figures released by The Foundation for Alcohol Research and [...]

Study Reveals Link Between Binge Drinking And Risk For Developing Alcoholic Liver Disease

According to a recent study, over consumption of alcohol may create a different kind of liver damage that affects key organ functions. Everyone knows that regular binge drinking carries numerous [...]

Push To Ban Alcohol Promotions at NSW Festivals And Events

A NSW Upper House Inquiry has been told that alcohol promotions and sponsorships should be banned at North Coast festivals and events that are often frequented by young people. The parliamentary [...]

Protecting Young People from a Culture of Binge Drinking

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How to Recognise Alcohol Abuse in Teens

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Risks and Consequences of Underage Drinking

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Reasons Why Moderation Is Better Than Binge Drinking

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RSA Info: Does Drinking Beer Affect Your Blood Pressure

Does Drinking Beer Affect Your Blood Pressure Recently researchers have been stressing the benefits of moderate consumption of alcohol for the human body. Even beer has been found to carry with [...]