Study Shows Liquor outlets promote drinking in Kids

I could hardly believe what I was reading when I discovered that children as young as 12 years old were being influenced to drink because of living in areas with a high density of liquor outlets. [...]

Unruly Teens Climb Over Family’s Car in Brisbane

If you ever questioned the severity of the alcohol fuelled misconduct in Brisbane an incident which took place in Brisbane’s North recently should provide some clarity. During the incident a [...]

Research Shows Aussie Drinkers Preferences Changing

An interesting article on recently discussed research by Roy Morgan into the drinking behaviour of Australians which revealed that Aussie alcohol consumers are becoming less [...]

Government Agency wants Crackdown on Alcohol Advertising

Alcohol abuse has become a major problem for the hospitality industry but now it appears it may also be affecting the alcohol industry whose advertising may soon face stricter regulation if a key [...]

Sydney CBD Lockouts Begin February

We are just a week away from the implementation of the new liquor law reforms in New South Wales, meant to help combat alcohol fuelled street violence in the state. As announced by NSW Premier [...]

WA Liquor Law Review to Target Youth Drinking

A problematic binge drinking culture seems to have gripped the entire country but in particular it seems to have affected young people. Now one state, Western Australia is targeting youth [...]

Violence Filled Weekend in Rockhampton gets Police Attention

As we approach the Christmas and New Years time of year, police are issuing a warning to revellers in Rockhampton to behave! Last weekend police embarked on a crackdown on alcohol related [...]

RSA update: One Alcohol Fuelled Punch can result in a Fatality

Something that may surprise a lot of people is the fact that many alcohol fuelled assaults which have turned fatal are actually the result of just one punch. According to statistics one-punch [...]

NZ Research Shows one in five songs refer to alcohol

New research conducted in New Zealand has revealed that one in five Top Ten songs in the pop charts contain references to alcohol. According to the researchers, the number of hit songs that refer [...]

Australian Women Warned not to drink during Pregnancy

I recently discovered an interesting article on which discussed the importance of abstaining from alcohol during pregnancy. According to the experts, there is no level of drinking [...]

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