Driver Caught Five Times over Alcohol Limit

One of the reasons why the government introduced mandatory training for alcohol servers in licenced venues is to help curb the alcohol fuelled misconduct such as brawls, assaults, drink driving [...]

Undercover Teens to Help Fight against Underage Drinking

Would you let your teenager go undercover for the police in order to crack down on liquor outlets supplying alcohol to juveniles? Police want to use teen cadets in sting operations across WA in [...]

Changes to Liquor Licencing Laws

Liquor licensing changes in Adelaide have recently kicked in which make it cheaper and quicker for entrepreneurs to open small, pop up bars, but according to a report many people, especially [...]

Push To Ban Alcohol Promotions at NSW Festivals And Events

A NSW Upper House Inquiry has been told that alcohol promotions and sponsorships should be banned at North Coast festivals and events that are often frequented by young people. The parliamentary [...]

Responsible Service of Alcohol Update: Combating Alcohol Fuelled Misconduct Dependent on Enforcement of RSA

The level of alcohol fuelled misconduct in entertainment districts across Oz has gotten to an extremely worrying extent. There have been various initiatives to try and combat this unacceptable [...]

Tool for Licensees to Document Incidents

A Victorian liquor licensing consultant has recently developed a new tool to assist hospitality and liquor businesses to document incidents more comprehensively for the records of the venue. [...]

Proposed Overhaul of Perth Liquor Licensing Laws

Premier Colin Barnett has promised to bring Perth’s liquor licencing in line with the rest of Oz and the world by allowing restaurants with less than 120 people to serve alcohol without a meal [...]

Article Posts for Week Ending December 21,2012

Here is a list of the articles posted on our blog this last week: RSA Info: Does Drinking Beer Affect Your Blood Pressure Alcohol dependency: When social drinking becomes a problem

Cinema to Become a Public Drinking Ground

MOVIEGOERS could be allowed to drink alcohol throughout the entire Norwood cinema complex if a bid by its owner Hoyts is successful. A cinema owned by Hoyts in Norwood may soon see its premise [...]