Unruly Teens Climb Over Family’s Car in Brisbane

If you ever questioned the severity of the alcohol fuelled misconduct in Brisbane an incident which took place in Brisbane’s North recently should provide some clarity. During the incident a [...]

Sydney Pubs not facing restrictions fear Impact of new alcohol laws

The new alcohol laws have been welcomed by many as the solution to many of the alcohol fuelled harms in NSW but there are a handful of pubs that trade all night which fall outside of the state [...]

Responsible Service of Alcohol News: Top 10 Pubs in Sydney for 2013

Sydney is a city which prides itself on hospitality and because of this it regularly makes the list of the world’s top destinations for tourists. This is due in large to the efforts of the staff [...]

Alcohol News: Schoolie Poisoned by Methanol

Another Australian youth has been poisoned while travelling abroad for schoolies celebrations. This time a teenage girl, Jasmine Baker has suffered methanol poisoning and had to be flown home to [...]

200 RSA breaches in One Club result in Forced Closure

Its’ hard to believe that one club alone can commit so many RSA breaches that it is forced to shut down, but that is exactly what happened at the Wagga Wagga Boat Club. Police were forced to [...]

Importance of Drinking in Moderation for your Health

If the death of Slayer rocker Jeff Hanneman has taught us anything it is the importance of drinking in moderation. The rocker died earlier this month from alcohol related liver scarring. Drinking [...]

Drunken Patron Sues after Falling from Balcony

Should licensed venue owners and staff really be held responsible for the consequences of intoxicated customer’s actions, especially if the patron enters the premise already intoxicated? This is [...]

National Study Proves Licenced Premises Get Unfair Wrap due to Anti-Alcohol Sentiment

A major national study undertaken by Deakin University was just released which provides valuable insight into alcohol related behaviour in the country and attempts to provide some advice on [...]

New Strategy to Tackle Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

Foetal alcohol syndrome is the direct result of prenatal alcohol exposure and is an increasing problem in Oz and around the world. When a pregnant woman drinks alcohol while pregnant, the alcohol [...]

SA Pubs: What the New Small Bar Laws Mean for you

The Australian Hotels Association (SA) is reportedly happy about new small bar legislation that was recently passed by South Australian parliament. While the new small bar legislation in Adelaide [...]