Study Shows Liquor outlets promote drinking in Kids

I could hardly believe what I was reading when I discovered that children as young as 12 years old were being influenced to drink because of living in areas with a high density of liquor outlets. [...]

Research Shows Aussie Drinkers Preferences Changing

An interesting article on recently discussed research by Roy Morgan into the drinking behaviour of Australians which revealed that Aussie alcohol consumers are becoming less [...]

30,000 Victorians Hospitalised due to Alcohol Annually

One of the reasons why the enforcement of Responsible Service of Alcohol laws are so important, particularly in Victoria is because over the past year 30,000 citizens of the state have been [...]

Police Crackdown on NT Communities Alcohol Continues

Police in the Northern Territory have cracked down on the supply of alcohol to remote communities. During an operation recently more than 40 litres of alcohol were seized. According to [...]

Alcohol News: Drinkers get Drunk without the Hangover

The internet is abuzz with news that a new pill may counteract the effects of alcohol and help drinkers avoid a hangover. A Professor from the UK, Prof. David Nutt made an announcement on [...]

NSW Minister Escapes being fired after Alcohol Incident

Photo source: The NSW finance minister who was almost sacked for [...]

Licensing Authorities Refuse Liquor Licence to Sydney Operator

A Sydney operator has been refused a liquor licence by licencing authorities in the state because of a history of sly grogging, drunken brawls and sex on the premises being reported in the past. [...]

Alcohol News Update: Rugby Star suspended for Drinking

A reminder of what happens when athletes become victim to the woes of alcohol, the name on everyone’s lips at the moment seems to be Kurtley Beale. Apparently the Wallabies and Melbourne rebels [...]

How much alcohol do teens use?

Alcohol is the most frequently used drug by teenagers in most countries including Australia mainly because most of the teenagers who drink do not do so moderately, but rather binge drink. The [...]

Changes to Liquor Licencing Laws

Liquor licensing changes in Adelaide have recently kicked in which make it cheaper and quicker for entrepreneurs to open small, pop up bars, but according to a report many people, especially [...]

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